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Belgium is famous for the variety of excellent tasting beer.
Do not miss to try the one or other
before returning to your home country.


WESTMALLE TRIPLE 9.5 %/33 cl is a clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle (9,5% alcohol). It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional beer, with a great deal of finesse and elegance. And with a splendid long aftertaste.

The Westmalle Tripel is indeed called the “mother of all tripels”. This type of beer was first brewed in Westmalle abbey in 1934 when the new brewing hall came into use. The current formula has stayed practically unchanged since 1956, thus more than 50 years


Very red colored with big pink head. Quite artificial cherry aroma. Sweet cherry flavor with artificial wine gum and bubble gum notes. There is some faint notes of wood and tartness which make it quite ok.



Hoegaarden White is the authentic Belgian wheat beer, top fermented and then refermented in the bottle. Hoegaarden White has a distinctive hazy yellow color, and an alcohol content of 5% vol. This is a sweet/sour beer with a little bitterness – slightly spicy, with a strong touch of coriander and a hint of orange. Decidedly interesting and very refreshing, Good stuff.


STELLA ARTOIS 5.2°/33 clSTELLA ARTOIS 5.2°/33 cl

Stella Artois is Interbrew’s global lager brand. This classic European lager is a bottom fermented blond pils with an alcohol content of 5.2% vol. (Belgium). Only the very best barley and the finest hops are selected for this beer. Stella Artois is full-bodied but none the less exceptionally thirst quenching, and should be served cold at 3°C.

LEFFE BLOND 6.5°/33 clLEFFE BLOND 6.5°/33 cl

Leffe Blond has a balanced, gently aromatic flavor. The sweetness is full bodied yet delicate. The palate has restrained fruity hints and a nutty creamy texture. The aftertaste is pleasantly dry. It should always be served in its stylish Leffe chalice-type glass. Leffe Blond is a pale abbey beer, with a full, sunny, golden color. It has a smooth and full bodied taste and a rich creamy head. Like all the Leffe beers, it is a “connoisseur” beer that is easy to drink. Had this one from tap. Light citrus and malts aroma. Golden color with large bubbles. Vanilla and summer fruits aroma. Bit sweet, bit spicy. Nice bitterness in the finish.


LEFFE BRUIN 6.5°/33 clLEFFE BRUIN 6.5°/33 cl

Leffe Brown is a full-bodied and rather fruity abbey beer. The flavor goes from a fruity sweetness to toffee or caramel with some roasted coffee notes, finishing with an oaky dryness. It should always be served in its stylish Leffe chalice-type glass.

A traditional Belgian abbey beer with a deep brown color and a full, sweet and fruity aroma. An all-around great beer. Pours a dark, thick brown with a sizable tannish head. A malty aroma is balanced with a nice blend of spice (my comrade and I couldn’t single out any specific kind), both of which are prevalent.

KWAK PAUWEL 8°/33 clKWAK PAUWEL 8°/33 cl

Full-bodied Belgian Specialty Ale. Amber in color with beautiful foam and slightly sweet, seductive malt character. Rich, satisfying Belgian experience. Nice cherry wood color with a tiny white head. Lovely malty, hoppy aroma and a sweet slightly spicy taste & unlike some other Belgian beers this one doesn’t have a massively bitter aftertaste. Sweet smell and taste, I thought that the alcohol was covered up pretty well. This is a good intro to Belgian brews. Fruity taste: apple, pear, grape. KWAK PAUWEL is served in special glasses with wooden support.  Drinking KWAK keeps the surprise at the end of the glass.


This is a live beer, and since secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, there is a relatively high amount of carbonation. This is also a beer style that will cellar well (if stored at appropriate temperatures) and it will actually improve with age. The incredible fact about this beer is that it has a 15 year shelf life! (Forget those ‘born on’ dates!) This is a big beer with 11% Alcohol, a big number, but the alcohol is not so overwhelming. This beer is actually quite easy to drink. Dare I say it? It can even be guzzled. The nose has a honey-malt sweetness. The palate is malty, sweet, filled with butterscotch and complex hop flavors, mellowed by a nutty, vanilla edge.